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Carolyn's second cd “On The Verge" is a collection of original songs which cross a myriad of musical stylings from the blues oriented Six Months of Mondays and I Really Like The Way You, the haunting 40's jazz sounds of If I Went Away, intense folk-rock I Still Believe You're Home; the rousing gospel overtones of Will I Make It Home and Over Troubled Skies, to the retro 50's track Baby Oh Baby. Recorded in Boston and Nashville these songs are accented by rich harmonies and lush instrumentation featuring Singer-Songwriter Southern Icon Kate Campbell (vocal harmonies), Americana and Folk stalwarts Lorraine and Bennett Hammond (guitar and vocals), John Deaderick (keyboards), David Henry (strings), Tommy Perkinson (drums), and Joe Jencks of Brother Sun (vocal harmonies) as well as folk-rock icons Pete andMaura Kennedy (lead guitar, bass and vocal harmonies). Carolyn feels that this collection of songs best represent who she is musically and invites you to get to know her!

Socially Conscious Soul.....

Carolyn is a singer/songwriter whose easy, natural style communicates immediately with your heart as she sweeps you away with her powerful, compelling voice and deeply personal performances.  She performs solo and as the lead singer in the eclectic vintage blues collective The Rusty Mikes. 

"Carolyn Waters is a force of nature.  Some people are simply created to sing and bless those who listen, Carolyn is one of those people."

Rev. Robert B. Jones, Sr., Blues Musician/Historian

Upcoming Performances

  • 7/22/2018
    We Did It For You, Women’s Journey Thru History, Framingham, MA, 
  • 8/1/2018
    Rusty Mikes at the Pierce Beach Somerset Music Series, Somerset, MA, 
  • 8/26/2018
    We Did It For You, A Women’s Journey Thru History, Boston, MA, 
  • 9/1/2018
    The Rusty Mikes - Private Event, York, ME, 
  • 9/11/2018
    Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival with The Rusty Mikes,  Frederiction

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